Words by Jim, Tweed Heads Principal Physiotherapist.

Barry from Tweed Heads is a man that Wellness Centre Physio Jim describes as ‘someone you can’t help but respect’.

Barry worked extremely hard his whole life to set up his retirement with plans to finally go travelling with his wife. His world came crashing down when he suffered a stroke the day after retirement, his life, and plans, forever changed.

Barry, however, refused to stand down and has worked incredibly hard in the Florence Tower Wellness Centre to restore as much functional independence as possible.

Thus far, his most meaningful achievement has been to be able to stand up from an armchair without physical assistance, previously a task he was unable to complete. The picture shows Physio Jim working closely with Barry to increase the consistency and capability of Barry’s sit-to-stand.

Barry and Jim have a lot of work ahead however determination, persistence, and work ethic will not be a limiting factor in Barry’s road to recovery.