Meet the Therapist: Kent Resquir, Highton Gardens Care Community Wellness Centre

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I’m Kent, your Elderly Care Advocate and Senior Physiotherapist from the island country of the Philippines. Allow me to be your Superman here at HCA Wellness Centre – Opal Highton Gardens.

I am very passionate and cheerful about my career. I have been greatly involved in community, hospital, and home-based care for quite some time now. I have 13 years of experience in different physiotherapy settings: Neurology, Sports and Musculoskeletal, Intensive Care, Virtual Reality, Robotics Rehab, and have been working full-time in aged care for almost 4 years now.


I finished my Bachelor’s Degree of Physiotherapy in the Philippines at the age of 20 and did my post-graduate degree in Clinical Rehabilitation at Flinders University, Australia, I trained in Virtual Reality, Robotics Rehabilitation, and Dementia Rehabilitation. 


I can proudly say that I am an awesome dancer and a singer… but only in the shower. I am into weightlifting, yoga, and cross fitness. I also love road biking and playing badminton. And like you, I also enjoy the simple pleasures in life particularly shopping and traveling across Australia, the Philippines, and around the world.


I am very excited to see you at the Wellness Centre and start having fun working together to achieve your wellness goals!


1. Why Physiotherapy? 

 Who wouldn’t be happy bringing joy into other people’s lives? I enjoy seeing smiles from people whom I’ve helped on improving their physical health. An enduring smile signifies overcoming injuries and even serious conditions and holding onto life. A simple yet blissful reason, for loving this job. 


2.Favourite song to get you ready to exercise?

It’s not really my favourite, but it is an adorable cultural reference to how simple life was, and how important health and wellness are no matter the age and culture. A 1970s Filipino song entitled “Mag-exercise Tayo” (Let’s exercise) by Yoyoy Villame. But I do “loooove” getting down to “Physical” by Dua Lipa or Olivia Newton.


3.What is the best piece of advice you received so far? 

 As a child, I have been taught to show respect and regard to the elderly for they are keepers of knowledge and tradition. They are like ancient trees that provide wisdom, solace, and support to the young, evident in their years and experiences. Therefore, they should be acknowledged and revered.


4.What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

The time when the world will not need to be fearful of COVID-19.